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Published on 26-06-2017



Add funds from $10.00 to $99.00 get 20% extra balance.
Add funds from $100.00 to $500.00 get 40% extra balance.

Promotion is valid till June 27.

Published on 25-03-2017



Let`s Start - $5.00

 25 Rented Referrals, 1 Direct Referrals 
25000 Banner Ad Credits
I Believe - $25.00
High Monthly Membership
100 Rented Referrals, 2 Direct Referrals
50000 Banner Ad Credits
High Profit - $195.00
High Yearly Membership
500 Rented Referrals, 10 Direct Referrals
50000 Banner Credits
12000 Paid to Click Credits



High Grid Available Win 5.00 USD
Published on 19-03-2017

Hello Members,

Introducing ''HighGrid'' for all members in which users can win up to big amount 5.00 USD.

So what you are waiting for? just move mouse cursor on EARN MONEY and go to HighGrid, try your better luck.We are giving various per day chances in memberships.

We are trying our best to satisfy all HighPaid members and we will soon add more earning ways.


Point Earning Strategy
Published on 14-03-2017

Introducing Points earning strategy because there are many members those are not much familiar with point credits, We are giving there ways of earning points so check all membership earning point details below:

High Freely

Points per direct referral: 10.00
Points per forum post: 2.00
Points Per dollar deposited: 10.00

High Monthly

Points per direct referral: 10.00
Points per forum post: 3.00
Points Per dollar deposited: 20.00

High One-8E

Points per direct referral: 10.00
Points per forum post: 4.00
Points Per dollar deposited: 20.00

High Yearly

Points per direct referral: 10.00
Points per forum post: 5.00
Points Per dollar deposited: 20.00

You all can earn points easily completing these steps and you can convert your 1000 Point into 1 USD.


Administraion of HighPaid


We have a Moderator
Published on 08-03-2017

Moderator Available


We hire a moderator for HighPaid forum name hondam, if anyone need assistance or information so feel free to join our forum and add a topic, also be active in forum and support us.


Administration of HIGHPAID.